Kaori Yamada is a drummer and a drum instructor. Born in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Pref., Japan. Kaori started to learn the piano at the age of 4 and in 1991 she graduated from the School of Music, at Takamatsu Junior College, Majoring in classical piano.

Kaori began to play drums on her own initiative at the age of 13. She was particularly interested in Soul, R & B, and Jazz music. She developed a strong ambition to become a professional drummer.

From 1991 to 1995, Kaori was based in Hiroshima where she qualified as a drum instructor under the R.C.C. Takeshi Inomata Drum School at YAMAHA Music Shops, Chugoku Region.

Kaori was introduced to Japan’s best-known drummer, the late Motohiko Hino, in 1996. She started training in Tokyo under his supervision and in 1998 her professional drumming career began. Since that time Kaori has given many live performances nationwide leading her own bands “Wet”, and later on, “Petit Agasa”. Kaori has also worked as a side man for many of fellow musicians. She has performed with many famous Japanese musicians including;

  • Terumasa Hino(tp),
  • Fumio Karashima(pf),
  • Kosuke Mine(ts),
  • Yosuke Inoue(b)
  • and more.

In 2007 she plans to move to New York to broaden her music horison. She is often playing in the New York City now. Performed at;

  • Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola,
  • St. Nick’s Pub,
  • 55 BAR,
  • Showmans,
  • Garage,
  • Kenny’s Castaways,
  • Arturo’s,
  • Steinway Reformed Church,
  • Temple M,
  • Trumpets,
  • Jamaican Art Center,
  • Cleopatra’s Needle,
  • Jules Bistro,
  • Sylvia’s,
  • etc… many.


  • Carol Sudhalter(ts&fl),
  • Nabuko Kiryu(vo),
  • James Zollar(tp),
  • Ed Cherry(g),
  • Ayana Lowe
  • Kyle Koehler(og),
  • Valery Pomonarev(tp),
  • Vito di Modugno(og),
  • Ariel Alejandro Dlp(b),
  • Larry Ham(pf),
  • Paul Beaudry(b),
  • Tony Ventura(b),
  • Steve Millhouse(b),
  • Jared Gold(og),
  • Sarah McLawler(og&vo),
  • Radam Schwartz(og),
  • Madame Pat Tandy(vo),
  • Joe Vincent Tranchina(pf),
  • Marti Mabin(vo),
  • Steve Elmer(pf),
  • Peter Brainin(ts&fl),
  • Ian McDonard(og),
  • Greg Lewis(og),
  • Marco Panascia(b),
  • Yoshiro Okazaki(tp),
  • Toru Dodo(pf),
  • Murray Wall(b),
  • Yoshi Waki(b),
  • Mayu Saeki(fl),
  • Shoko Amano(vo),
  • Toru Yamashita(pf),
  • Miki Hayama(pf),
  • Vitaly Golovnev(tp),
  • Kazu(pf),
  • Art Hirahara(pf),
  • Akiko Tsuruga(og),
  • Bertha Hope(pf),
  • Jimmy Lategano(vo),
  • Mainman(Rock Band)
  • etc….and more.
Carol Sudhalter(ts&fl) THE OCTAVE TUNES (JP) (US)